QR code for menus with allergy filter

Getting a QR code for your menu is simple and easy with Allergy Menu

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QR code for menus with allergy filter

QR code for menus with allergy filter

In an era where accessibility and information are paramount, restaurants are increasingly adopting innovative solutions to enhance customer experience. One such practice gaining popularity is the integration of QR codes on menus, especially when it comes to providing detailed allergen information. This method not only streamlines the dining experience for customers but also allows restaurants to demonstrate a commitment to transparency and safety.

Example auto generated QR code:

QR Code

How QR Codes Work in Allergen Information

  1. Generate Comprehensive Allergen Data

    Before implementing QR codes, ensure that your menu allergen information for each dish is up to date and accurate. Clearly identify common allergens present, potential cross-contamination risks, and any variations in recipes. Allergy Menu allows you to store Photos and Documentation of all the allergens sources, to ensure you have a comprehensive record.

  2. Create QR Codes

    Our system automatically generates you a QR code in both digital and image format. Allowing you to provide a high resolution QR code to your printers if required. The Code links directly to a full menu, with details on each dish with live allergen information displayed

  3. Placement on Menus

    Strategically place the QR codes on your physical menus or in prominent locations within your restaurant. Ensure they are easily scannable with a smartphone. We provide printable templates with Allergy Menu to assist with generating front of house information, such as window stickers.

Advantages of Adding QR Codes for Allergen Information

Instant Access to Detailed Information

Customers can simply scan the QR code with their smartphones to access detailed allergen information instantly. This empowers them to make informed decisions based on their dietary needs. It puts the consumer in control of access to allergen information ensuring that live up to date allery information can be provided at the touch of a button.

Flexibility and Updates

QR codes provide a dynamic solution for menu changes and updates. Instead of reprinting menus each time there"s a modification, you can simply update the linked allergen information, ensuring accuracy and reducing costs and reduced risk to your business with communication mistakes and out of date information.

Enhanced Customer Confidence

The presence of QR codes demonstrates a commitment to customer safety and satisfaction. It builds trust by showcasing transparency and a proactive approach to addressing dietary concerns.

Efficient Communication

QR codes facilitate efficient communication between customers and staff. Customers with allergies can discreetly access the information they need without needing to engage in an extended conversation, ensuring a smoother dining experience.

Adding QR codes to your menu for allergen information is a forward-thinking approach that aligns with the evolving expectations of modern diners. It not only provides a seamless experience for customers with allergies but also positions your restaurant as one that prioritizes transparency and customer well-being. By embracing this technology, you can enhance your customer service, build loyalty, and create a dining environment that caters to the diverse needs of your clientele.

Written on 2024-01-12 by Juliet Moran

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QR code for menus with allergy filter
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