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Corporate Login

Corporate Login
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Corporate Account

Bring your whole organisation inline with centralise allergy management. See all menus and accounts, manage PO numbers and QR codes online.

If you have more than one venue with a different menu, you can arrange for a corporate account to view and manage all of your venues from one centralised control panel.

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If you wish to apply for a corporate account, please contact us on 01782 976101 to discuss your exact requirements.

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"At the Bannatyne Group working in partnership with Allergy Menu has given our business confidence when it comes to giving our customers transparent and simple information around allergic ingredients. The App is simple and very user friendly."
Denise, The Bannatyne Group
The Bannatyne Group

Example Corporate Login

Once logged into the corporate account, you can view all the menus assigned to your organisation. From there, you can login to each account to make changed directly to the menu itself, along with billing information. Each menu can have the same or different biling information, depending on your company structure. Menus can also be assigned to multiple venues if all those venues use the same supply chain.

Coporate Interface

Why use Allergy Menu?

Meet regulations for allergy information in one simple step.

Ensure your menu allergens are always accurate and up to date.

Improve your customer experience for allergy sufferes, vegans and veggies.

No need to re-print menus if you change ingredients.

Handy email reminders to check your menu.

Stop front of house staff making mistakes

Keep your customers safe from harm.

£10 a



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