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The Allergy Menu Idea

Strange as it sounds, Allergy Menu started from a single incident in a restaurant in Amsterdam. A group of friends were having dinner in a restaurant - one of the group had recommended it for the quality of the food as well as the excellent and friendly service so as a bunch of foodies we couldn’t wait. One of the group, Kate, had a number of allergies but as group members could speak both English and Dutch we were confident that we could make sure the chef could point out the dishes she could have. Of course, you can guess what happened next, despite clear, unequivocal “no nuts” please, the first dish to land on Kate’s plate was a satay type dish rich in peanuts. Kate was busy talking and it was only the quick work of friends that made sure it was whisked away immediately, but by then her confidence in the rest of the meal was shot. Later we talked about her life with allergies and she admitted that she rarely went out to eat purely because she couldn’t be sure that the chef understood what “no gluten” meant, or indeed to make sure that nothing with nuts in touched her plate. It wasn’t that she thought the chef did it on purpose, but that it was too easy to miss an ingredient, and the resulting ill health was too debilitating to make it worth it.

There are some great food businesses. The best know what is in each and every dish and can communicate it with ease. It makes sense, knowing what is in each dish helps with stock control and pricing as well as getting that all important five-star food hygiene rating. But more than that, it means that the growing number of “Kates” (and their families and friends) know that the business wants their custom.

Allergy Menu places that intention front and centre of the business. Now, when Christine (another member of the group) wants to pick from the vegetarian options, with a single click on Allergy Menu she can see just which options are there for her.

How it Works

Why use Allergy Menu?

£10 a






Meet regulations for allergy information in one simple step.

Ensure your menu allergens are always accurate and up to date.

Improve your customer experience for allergy sufferes, vegans & veggies.

No need to re-print menus if you change ingredients or substitue.

Handy email reminders to check your menu.

Stop front of house staff making mistakes

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