Digital Menu App for Restaurants

Digitise your menu today and provide an interactive menu experience at the touch of a button using our free app to download onto any tablet or phone device.

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Digital Menu App for Restaurants

Get on board with offering the latest digital menu for your restaurant and a free QR code. At the touch of a button, your customers can filter the menu for allergens and food preferences and find out what's available that day at the touch of a button.

Branded to your style

With the ability to add your own branding in restaurant mode, you can upload your business logo and set the app colours to match your own brand with our digital menu app.

Restaurant mode enables the ability to turn the digital menu app into a dedicated menu just for your business. Your staff can then provide it on a digital device, such as a tablet, mini tablet, or phone for the customer to browse your menu and filter by allergens and food preferences.

Brand your Digital Menu App

1 Month Free Trial

Why not create an account and try our the system for free for the first month, allowing you to see how it works completely free of charge.

How Our Digital Menu Works

Going digital with our menu is quick, easy and saves time and energy in the long run.

Updatable Menu

It's easy to keep up to date, as you can easily change it at a moment's notice via your mobile phone.

Searchable Menu

Easy to find the allergies in a dish by a simple search.

Communicate Clearly

You can easily communicate your menu and the related allergy data to your customers and staff.

Accountable Staff

Only the right person in your organisation can control this data, ensuring safety and accurate information.

Reduce Allergy Risk

You can reduce the risk of deadly mistakes being made with your allergy data.

How it Works

How a digital menu app can help your business

Allergy Management System

Our handy allergy management system allows you to have a centrally managed system for inputting Allergy Information. Our system helps with allocation of allergens and saves you time by keeping all the information in one place. Customer can search the menu for their given food choices ensuring staff don't make communication mistakes with allergen information

Interactive Menu

Once you then have all the information in one place, you also get our searchable menu and your establishment on our map, showing your interactive menu. This allows customers to view restaurants in their area and make choices based on viewing your live menu.

Our menu app can be used by Staff & Customers to ensure communication risks are mitigated. The app is free to download.

Instantly updatable

With a digital menu app, you can make instant changes to your menu, keeping your customers up to date with a live menu. Avoid reprinting information every time a substitution happens or a quick change to the menu.

Schedule Dishes

Our digital menu app can help you by scheduling dishes on different days, so no need to print a menu for each day, the menu just presents dishes assigned to the specific day. You can also hide dishes, so if something isn't available that day, you can hide the dish and turn it back on when it's back on the menu.

Why use Allergy Menu?

£10 a






Meet regulations for allergy information in one simple step.

Ensure your menu allergens are always accurate and up to date.

Improve your customer experience for allergy sufferes, vegans & veggies.

No need to re-print menus if you change ingredients or substitue.

Handy email reminders to check your menu.

Stop front of house staff making mistakes

Chef with Allergy Menu App