I am a warrior

Great that you want to help! Do any or all of the following to help raise awareness and improve eating out for everyone.

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Vegan? Vegetarian? Allergy Suffer?

Getting restaurants to change isn't always easy, but with a little gentle encouragement from you, you can not only improve your experience in a restaurant, you can improve it for your fellow allergy suffers, vegans and vegetarians.

Become a Warrior and help others, feel great and eat safe!

1. Share us on Facebook

Why not share us with friends and post a link to our website on your favourite restaurants Facebook page.

2. Tweet your local restaurant

Visited @restaurantnamehere - no easy searchable menu for allergens / vegans / vegetarians why not use @AllergyMenuUK and make food safer. #AllergyMenu #Veganism #Vegetarians #Allergy

3. Give your restaurant a flyer

Simply print of the following flyers and give them to your local restaurants when you next visit. Mention it every time you ask for their allergy information and hopefully they will soon signup.

About the App

The App allows you to quickly find the dishes you can eat.

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What is Allergy Menu?

We provide an easy searchable menu accessible from your mobile phone to enable you to filter a restaurants menu by allergens, or vegan or vegetarian options, or a mix of them all!