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Restaurant Allergy Menu App

Helping Restaurants

Our allergy menu allows food businesses small and large to maintain a mobile accessible and up to date menu that customers can tailor to their food preferences, making it easier for them to see which dishes are suitable for them and to comply with the law.

Easily Accessible

Your customers can access this menu online, via a mobile phone and App, allowing them to select their individual food preferences so that the dishes they choose are appropriate for their allergy or intolerance. Staff can use the allergy menu too, making it easier for them to make sure they are giving the right advice to their customers.

Improve Customer Engagement

It's also a fun way that customers can check out your menu from their home or outside your building, allowing them to make choices before they arrive and share their friends too.

Meet the allergy regulations

Sign up and not only will you meet the government regulations for allergies in one simple step, you can meet your customer's needs too.

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Download the Allergy Menu App

Working on all Android and Apple devices, our free to use app gives your customers a fantastic, safer user experience

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Why use Allergy Menu?

£10 a



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Meet regulations for allergy information in one simple step.

Ensure your menu allergens are always accurate and up to date.

Improve your customer experience for allergy sufferes, vegans & veggies.

No need to re-print menus if you change ingredients or substitue.

Handy email reminders to check your menu.

Stop front of house staff making mistakes

Tap for Menu

Tap for Menu

Get the latest technology and add a Tap for Menu, nearfield sticker onto your existing menus or on your door menu.

What they say

"This really helps improve how restaurants provide their allergen information, in a way that's easy to manage and update, I wish all restaurants used it."
Christina, The Food Safety Company Ltd


"At the Bannatyne Group working in partnership with Allergy Menu has given our business confidence when it comes to giving our customers transparent and simple information around allergic ingredients. The App is simple and very user friendly."
Denise, The Bannatyne Group
The Bannatyne Group

"Vegan food is the most inclusive type of food because it is often suitable for those with allergies and intolerances, provided it's free from allergens. We are fully behind Allergy Menu's battle to improve food safety in restaurants and welcome the filter for food preferences that includes veganism, which makes it easier to search for vegan food. "
Dominika Piasecka, The Vegan Society Vegan Society

"Brilliant app worth every penny, your customers will be delighted with this easy way to sort your menu into the dishes they can select avoiding their individual allergens. Not difficult to enter all your info and once loaded is a brilliant tool loaded onto a tablet or ipad in your business.. This little app has put our business ahead of the rest and proved to be a real asset, great opportunity to stand out from the crowd."
Sharon, Arbuckles

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