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Menu Last Checked: May 2018


Cocktail sausages

Cocktail sausages with spiced chorizo mayonnaise

Crusty breads

A selection of crusty breads with butter, olives, rapeseed oil and reduced balsamic

Garlic bread

Garlic bread

Garlic bread

Garlic bread with cheese

Marinated olives

Marinated olives in herb oil



Proscuito ham

Mozzarella, slow roast tomatoes, reduced balsamic

£6.95 / £12.95
Teriyaki steak

Bamboo shoots, pickled vegetables, green herb dressing

Warm chicken

Chorizo new potatoes and salsa

£6.95 / £12.95
Warm mackerel

New potatoes, beetroot, walnuts, horseradish dressing

£6.95 / £12.95


Black pudding

Black pudding, new potatoes, peppercorn cream, poached egg, pancetta

Marinated chicken thighs

With pineapple, bourbon, crispy sweet potato

Pear and stilton tartlet

Warm open puff pastry tart topped with stilton

Prawn cocktail

Crispy lettuce, marie rose sauce, brown bread and butter

Soup of the day

Soup of the day with crusty bread

Thai vegetable and haloumi skewers

Thai vegetable and haloumi skewers with sweet chilli dressing


Main courses

Chicken breast

Served with wild mushroom polenta and creamed leeks

Garlic mushroom and open mozzarella tart

Open tart served with chips and dressed salad

Ginger and soy salmon enpapillote

Served with new potatoes and sweet chilli dipping sauce


Beer battered served with chips, mushy pea's and tartare sauce

Homemade lasagne

With garlic bread and chips

Lamb rump

Served with chorizo, feta cheese, olives, salsa and new potatoes

Pork fillet

Stuffed with black pudding, mushrooms, served with sherry vinegar dressing and sweet potato

Smoked salmon and prawn linguini

Served with a creamy leek and tarragon sauce

Steak and kidney pie

Topped with short crust pastry

Tandoori red snapper

Served with spiced potato, mango salsa and mint yogurt

Thai sweet potato curry

Coconut milk curry with rice and garlic bread



Beef burger with cheddar and pancetta

Served with chips and coleslaw

Panko bread crumbed goat's cheese

With chips, coleslaw ,beetroot and chutney

Spiced pork and chorizo

Served with chips, coleslaw and fried egg


Grill menu

10oz gammon steak

With chips tomato and mushrooms

10oz rib eye steak

With chips tomato and mushrooms

8oz rump steak

With chips, tomato and mushrooms


Side orders

Homemade chips

Cooked in rapeseed oil

Horseradish butter

Horseradish butter

House salad

Dressed salad to include lettuce, tomato, cucumber, carrots, olives and peppers

Panache of fresh vegetables

A selection of vegetables of the day

Peppercorn sauce

Creamy peppercorn sauce


Garlic and rosemary roasted new potatoes

Stilton sauce

Creamy stilton sauce


Small meal options

Cooked Ham

With chips and fried egg

Homemade lasagne

With chips and garlic bread

Homemade pie of the day

Served with chips and fresh vegetables

Mini battered hake

Served with chips, mushy pea's and tatare sauce

Roast of the day

Served with roast potatoes, gravy and fresh vegetables

Warm roast of the day ciabatta

Served with roast potatoes and gravy




With brie and cranberry

BBQ pork

With melted cheddar

Cheddar cheese

With branston pickle


With roasted peppers, coriander mayonnaise

Club sandwich

Served with bacon, fried egg, lettuce, tomato, chicken and mayonnaise


Tomato and English mustard mayonnaise

Smoked salmon

With sliced cucumber, lemon and dill mayonnaise


Served with melted stilton


Vegetarian / Vegan

Mozzarella salad without bread

Mozzarella salad with tomatoes and balsamic

£5.95 / £10.95
Mushroom polenta

Mushroom polenta with roasted vegetables, salad, sweet potato fries and tomato salsa

Mushroom salad

Roasted mushrooms, onions and peppers with vinaigrette and reduced balsamic

£5.50 / £10.95
Open sweet potato and pear tart

Open sweet potato and poached pear tart

Open tart with garlic mushrooms and sweet potato

Open tart with garlic mushrooms and sweet potato with small chips and salad

Thai sweet potato curry

Thai sweet potato curry with cauliflower rice and chips

£6.50 / £11.95
Warm mackerel salad with out bread

Warm mackerel salad with beetroot and horseradish

£6.95 / £12.95

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