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My Allergies Membership

Join our membership scheme designed for those who suffer from food allergies and intolerances today!

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My Allergies Membership

Suffer with Food Allergies or Intolerance? Communicating the information to the person preparing your meal can be hard, but we are here to help improve your eating out experience. Striving to improve safety for allergy suffers is at the heart of our membership.

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Membership Card

Life Saving Membership Card

To improve the communication between you and the person producing your meal, we have put the 'My Allergies' Membership card at the heart.

The Membership Card lists all your allergies & intolerances along with your name and photo and instructions for use. This card is designed to be handed over to the person taking your order, for them to give to the person in the kitchen preparing your meal, and then returned with your dish. Ensuring your allergies are communicated correctly to where it matters.


Collating the latest information in one place about Food Allergies and emailed out annually, our newsletter helps keep up with the latest changes.

New Allergy Menu Restaurants

Hear about the latest restaurants in your area using Allergy Menu, allowing you to eat at restaurants that take allergies seriously.

Advocating Awareness

We are working hard to raise awareness and improve restaurant experience for you.